To ensure that we protect all parties from the misuse of images, (Which Craft? and our brands
‘For Your Inspiration, Stamp Magic, including Our Brand Wonky Tonk, illustrations by our artist Tracy Easson)
have established an Angel Policy for you to adhere to when using our copyrighted designs.
This policy protects the craft industry by ensuring that crafters who want to sell their handmade products can.
It also protects our brands, ensuring that they can continue to provide a wide range of innovations.

Which Craft? And our brand images along with licensed brands which we supply are copyrighted.
This means that they may not be copied without permission.
To help protect the rights granted by these copyrights,
each handcrafted item created for sale must be personally and individually made by the selling
artist and may not be reproduced or copied by any means - including graphic, digital, electronic,
mechanical or photocopying. Mass production, assembly-line construction and production by workers for hire is strictly prohibited.

Handmade created projects may be sold at permanent retail locations, as well as temporary craft events,
community fundraisers and over the Internet (excluding auction sites.)
In selling handmade projects the seller must make it clear that the items are handmade or personally
created by the seller and not a product of the company. A credit and or a link to our company would be valued.
Which Craft? images and the licensed brands which we supply may not be used for the purpose of creating logos, clip art,
digital artwork and blog banners or company trademarks.

Separate terms apply, as listed below, for all Licensed Collections.
Please read this documentation in full in order to respect variations in the policy per licence.
There is NO LIMIT to handmade items sold for charity, so long as they abide by the restrictions as stated in this policy.
Participants in this Angel Policy assume all liability for suitability of their work.
Please note that the following brands are copyrighted to Which Craft?
‘For Your Inspiration’ Stamps, Cards, Templates, Wonky Tonk Stamp Collection, gifts and Images

Which Craft? Future Digital Policy Additions
Digital files of any kind containing Which Craft? Images, our brands, may not be sold under any condition.
You may not print and sell individual papers or decoupage images,
nor may you copy or sell the CD-ROM. Images and graphics within Which Craft? Discs
are protected by copyright and as such may only be used within the Which Craft? Application. Without written permissions 

Any queries please contact us directly.


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